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Head Instructor Lee Morgan takes 4th Dan at the BFKKO HQ

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BFKKO WFKKO ยท The BFKKO standards were met strongly today when long serving member and fighter Lee Morgan chose to take a physical grading for his 4th Dan blackbelt. After 3rd Dan, instructors who show 100% commitment and are still fully active within the martial arts community can have their 4th Dan and further grades awarded, but Lee, as with other dedicated BFKKO and WFKKO blackbelt Instructors chose to do it the hard way and be brought up in front of the head of the Organisation for a private 3 hour grueling grading. Lee was tested on technique and bagwork for the 1st hour, then he had to teach a class of twenty BFKKO students followed by a hard 1 hour fitness circuit. Master Cris Janson-Piers said "I have known Lee for years and know him to be a true martial artist and a great fighter for whom I have been National Coach for on many occasions. I have witnessed him become a professional British and European Champion and been in his corner on many occasions. I knew he was capable of passing the testing today but I pushed him to the limit, knowing it was what he would want and what I wanted too. I was proud to be in the same room as him and to award him this grade. There are so many people today who think a blackbelt means an instructor, or people who leave off for years and return to teach? Some even attaining blackbelt in 2 years, of which I have never understood or believe in?? Lee, stand up straight and proud, you are one of the elite and a truly respected martial artist. The BFKKO and WFKKO are so proud of you!"


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                                                     MEKA putting their name well n truly on the map!!

Great news!!!

Connor Farrell & Ryan Bunn  both contended fights at the fight night at the unit in glossop.

All fights on the bill were light continuous. And now it was time for the lads to put all that they have been learning in the last 14 months into action

Up first was Connor, just turned 16, he was straight  on Jordan Taylor into range punches & kicks then back out picking up the points & moving well, knowing Jordan likes to throw jumping spinning kicks. 

By the end Lee Morgan (MEKA coach and himself an international kickboxing champion) knew Connor had done enough for the win. 

By now the pressure was on Ryan and 3 fights from the end on a 30 fight bill. 

So Ryan was hitting and moving well in the first round building a lead, then Dan Twigg  pressed hard with pace & power leaving Ryan a little shocked and with it all to do. By now both were very tired then Ryan finished the round strong in what  was a very close fight. Ryan had just done enough.

2 fights 2 wins  well done to the MEKA lads, the first set of wins of many we believe!!!

Ryan Chris and Connor inter club

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hands up

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working hard

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